A singular moment, elaborated during the months preceding the beatification to provide inspiration to both faithful and others, as they discover the figure of Sister Maria Laura Mainetti and the places in which she lived and worked as a Daughter of the Cross. On the 6th June 2021 the entire community will gather in prayer in memory of the real sacrifice of a religious person who throughout her life, just as in the moment of her tragic death, embodied the principles of the Catholic church.


Who was Sister Maria Laura?

She was given the name Teresina Mainetti. Born at Colico (Lecco) on the 20th August 1939; was baptised in the parish of Villatico, a district of Colico, on the 22nd August. Confirmation orders were to follow on the 13th October 1948.


June 6, 2021


Celebrations for the beatification of Sister Maria Laura Mainetti will take place in the presence of Oscar Cantoni, Bishop of the diocese of Como.


In Valchiavenna, in the diocese of Como, at the municipal sports ground of the town of Chiavenna.


The young people who she loved and helped so much. And pilgrims who knew her or want to get as close as possible to such a Christian figure and a martyr for the faith.


For more information and registration

The event takes place on the 6th June 2021, organised under the supervision of the Pastoral Community of Chiavenna – Prata and the Diocese of Como in collaboration with a number of other Bodies.